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Ladies Exclusively Online Unique Fashion Store

Our shop offers a limited editions of independent fashion designs and styles that will help with creating a unique look.


In the Beginning - Joanne Louise learnt and applied her tailoring trade originally by making bespoke suits which as you can imagine requires real skill. Later her attention moved over to design and sampling for well know retailers of ladies fashion.

Joanne Louise was founded in 2001 originally selling unique women's fashion via Auction sites before leaving in 2005 with over 100,000 online sales and an impeccable feedback rating from over 30,000 unique customers. Owning her online fashion store has always been part of the 'master plan' as the brand was continually striving to be unique and independent.

A Sense of Style - Joanne has always had a flavour to her designs pushing boundaries with a sexy urban style. The brand developed and many of the styles were produced exclusively in limited numbers as she used online auction-sites to sell her own clothes. Always one with an eye for a trend, her creativity meant that women’s fashion was a perfect method to showcase her own ideas.

Her online-retailing bloomed as Joanne also brought in overseas designers ranges that would be perfect for her customers. Together with her eye for fashion and desirable style, Joanne bought must have fashion styles that appealed to women of all ages.

A Hidden Gem - Sensing a gap in the market for urban, hippy chic, exclusive pieces Joanne created a store that would house her favourite trends. Her knowledge, passion and dedication has brought about a genuinely unique shopping experience for ladies who like sexy unique clothing.

Our store has always been a bit of a hidden gem online as women tend to like keep their little secret which offers an exciting array of individual styles and fashionable collection at reasonable prices – the online store always has something different, it's certainly eye-catching unique ladies fashion.

Spreading the Love - We are working hard to deliver great style and unique fashion to you but like all good fashion boutiques we need to keep the clothing rotating so you have more and different options next time you decide to use us to shop for fashion. Joanne is looking forward to growing the business further by establishing the website knowing our customers and those looking for women’s clothing online are the most import factor moving forwards.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us and we hope you do tell your family and friends to help us.